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Our Vision

“Nurturing the children for an all round development and character building” .

All round development of a child refers to how a child is supposed to develop in his emotional, cognitive and social platform. Every child transforms as he physically and emotionally develops. School plays the vital role to make a child adapt in the society, to inculcate values and tradition and imbibe valuable virtue.
Character building is an approach to education that incorporates values, ethics, emotional maturity and a sense of civics.To promote core ethical and performance values to instill good character in student. encourage students to develop morally and provide opportunities to grow morally and fostering self- motivation in students.

Our Mission

“To have a project and activity based learning at the centre of the educational experience which leads to generating practical and theoretical knowledge”.

In a project based learning school students learn by researching, designing and implementing a project to answer a real world problem, meet a challenge, or serve a community interest.
Teachers organize the curriculum into themes and develop projects with questions or challenges to be solved.  Teachers work with students to provide instruction and skills needed by students as they complete their project.
Under Activity Based learning education main focus is on child or we can say that it is one of child centered approach. It develops self-learning skill among the learners and allows a child to study according to his or her skill


New Baldwin School heartily welcomes you. spreads its arms to welcome toddlers from the early age

Class Room

Our classrooms, have a seating capacity of 25, well ventilated with ample natural and artificial lighting…


We take our commitment to the health and well-being of our students extremely seriously

Art and Craft

A bright, airy and inspiring room, which allows students to explore a variety of media ranging from fine art, painting, drawing and craft to give expression to their creativity…

Music & Dance

Children involved in music activities (such as learning a musical instrument) are often better adjusted, with increased academic performance, ability to think creatively, emotional understanding…

Sports Facilities

The School has good sports facilities, which include indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a squash court, table tennis facilities and a multipurpose ground…


Our Campus Gallery

School is a ``Temple of Learning``. It is a place where all children grow not in size, not in knowledge but in courage, curiosity, independence, resourcefulness, perseverance and competence.

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Prestige International School

Prestige International School,@ Rampura is a noble endeavor by the
Chairman Mr K Anjinappa was launched in the year 2015 under the support of Sri Venkateshwara Educational Trust. The Chairman being a resident of Rampura realized the importance of the school motto “Gain More Knowledge-Reach Greater Heights”. He desired to start a school with a difference and set the foundation to impart a holistic learning process, inspired by the ‘PIS’ system of the yester years.

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04 Jan, 2021