Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

It’s been a great opportunity and a pleasure to be associated with New Baldwin School.

Providing Quality education and holistic development for every child in our institution is of paramount importance.

Teaching is one of the noble profession as we get to shape the minds of young children through whom we can witness a progressive society and community which constitutes to the growth of our nation. As an institution we have core values to impart on our children which will enable them to be respectful and inclusive towards different cultures, religions, backgrounds and values.

It is imperative to nurture and build a strong value system in each one of them and also to help hone their personalities, Characters and empower them to attain their full potential of academic skills and creative freedom to explore other areas of extra curricular interests as well.

I solicit every Teacher and Parent’s support and cooperation as we strive to help and shape every child to be a successful individual.

Wish you the Best and God bless you!  

Mrs Sheila Mathews